Let us introduce ourselves – we are Josiah Brooks and Shad Brooks, two nerdy brothers who have always enjoyed role-playing and all it has to offer. We created Cogent Roleplay to address the rampant problems in many PnP (Pen & Paper) RPGs (Role-playing Games). We feel you will have a much more rewarding experience with this game over others as Cogent not only resolves issues present in other systems, but aims to provide new and innovative ways to experience role-play.

Cogent Roleplay is easily adapted to any world setting or genre. It is simple enough for first-timers to easily learn and play, without sacrificing the depth and clarity needed to satisfy experienced RPG-ers. On top of this, the rules of Cogent are extremely flexible, and are easy to expand upon and create unique and interesting magic systems, genre/setting mechanics, and more.

It is our hope that Cogent provides you with endless hours of fun. If you have any suggestions regarding the rules or how the Cogent Roleplaying system could be improved, please send us your feedback. We endeavor to continue to polish and refine the Cogent system to be as enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for checking out Cogent Roleplay, we hope you have a blast!